was established in 1995 mainly to provide prompt, personalized and customer-oriented services to people of all walks of life. Though primarily TURNING POINT is rendering consultancy services relating to Human Resources, arranging finance, effecting credit syndication, Investment and Corporate Affairs to Individuals, Companies, Body corporate, Firms, Trusts and Associations are its diversified activities. As a matter of business principles of the co., TURNING POINT has been into the financial market of Hire Purchase, Housing Finance, Syndicating short and long term loans, Working capital requirements of its clients, project financing. It is also into personal and professional loans too.

A niche in the above regard has been already created in this short sojourn of over 11 years of its existence.

Driven by the growing trend of globalization, the revolutionary developments in information and technology and the emergence of the digital era, we are witnessing phenomenal changes in the world of Human Resources and Finance. In this new landscape of atoms and electrons TURNING POINT with the vision "delivering the best to the people and contributing for the enlistment of the society as a whole", and the dream and endeavor TURNING POINT is all set to achieve an around utopia in the emerging scenario.

TURNING POINT has definite programmes to those aspiring for career opportunities. TURNING POINT has definite avenues for those who want to quench their unquenchable thirst of desire to be financially sound. For those endowed with inquisitive minds and driven by professional aspirations, these programmes will be a voyage of discovery.

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